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Social Media: It’s not a Minefield, It’s a Goldmine!

Hello We use social media for different reasons. There are those who will post personal stuff on social media to feel connected with their loved ones whereas others will use it to brand themselves as experts in their chosen field. Social media should be used by every business in its content promotion. It provides an avenue where you can create and share content that quickly transforms strangers into customers, loyal fans and promoters of your business. Here’s what you need to do on social media to reach your business goals.
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Bottom Line: Social AFFECTS SEO

"Social media is directly tied to search results." With the emergence of Google+, businesses have been integrated into the social platform, thus influencing the Google Crawlers. Twitter URL’s also earn direct links, as well. Social media has proven its worth as an add-on to great SEO. A...

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Is Your Website Giving a Great First Impression Of Your Business?

Boca Web Design | The First Point Of Contact With Your Clients

Granted having a well maintained office, spa, restaurant, dentist office or what have you is important when making a first impression on potential clients, but its safe to say that your physical location isn't the first stop that most of these potential clients are forming that first impression...Uh Oh...!

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