Social Media Marketing Boca Raton – 5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be on Facebook

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Social Media Marketing Boca Raton – 5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be on Facebook

Social Media Marketing Boca Raton – 

It wasn’t very long ago Facebook was considered to be only for teenagers and those looking for romance and a change of relationship status but that has changed dramatically in recent years. Facebook has quickly evolved as one of the most valuable assets to advertisers who are striving to reach a specific niche audience.

This is one of the main reasons why Facebook has the edge over other types of advertising, because it has so much detailed information on all of it’s more than 1 billion users. As a result Facebook has got really good at letting advertisers run highly targeted ads. In fact, Facebook ads are bringing real, exciting and valuable results to businesses, many of them, small and local who would never have been able to run such a super targeted campaign before Facebook came along.

Here are just some of the specific variables you can use to target your advertisements:

* Location
* Age
* Gender
* Relationship Status
* Interests
* Connections with specific people on Facebook
* Fans of other business pages on Facebook
* People who work at a certain company or attended a particular school.

Just to help you to understand how useful this would be for your business lets say you are a Wedding planner and you want to target your ads to women within a specific age group who are going to be getting married and live within a specific area code. You can target that specific group on Facebook.

Not only that but if you own a small business and have a competitor with a large fan base, you can target that company’s fans as well.

Just like with Google search advertising, you can also set up Facebook Ads so you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

It really does generate cost effective sales and conversions for your business.

If you still need convincing here are 5 more reasons why YOUR business should be advertising on Facebook:

1. Facebook Ads are Easy: You don?t need to be an advertising genius or design expert to create basic ads on Facebook. We find that many small businesses are overwhelmed when placing ads in sites like Google Adwords but Facebook ads are much easier and can be more effective. This creates a level playing field for smaller businesses to be able to compete with the national and International brands online.

2. You Can Reach A Huge Audience: Facebook has the largest active user base in the world with over 1 billion users. Over half of those users log in to Facebook every day via computers, mobiles and tablets.

3. It’s targeted: As we mentioned at the outset, you are able to target your ads to a very specific audience, which is crucial to an effective and successful advertising campaign. Facebook boasts that it can give your business a targeting accuracy of 90%. That means for example, that if you are want to target people who interested in a range of handbags you can specifically target people that Facebook identifies as being interested in handbags, fashion and other related interests. You can even target fans of huge fashion outlets to show off your range.

4. It works and is cost effective: If you don’t have a huge advertising budget, Facebook ads are perfect because they are highly targeted giving you a better return on interest. It doesn’t make sense to waste your valuable advertising budget on people who are not interested in your product. You wouldn’t be doing that with Facebook ads.

5. Facebook ads are mobile friendly: Most people access Facebook via their mobiles and you can promote your business by making the ads appear on mobile phones. Make sure that your website is mobile friendly too (if it isn’t we can fix it for you).

To get started or to simply discuss some options to see if you think Facebook is the right fit for your online marketing goals, give Seomavericks a quick call and we can quickly discuss how you can implement one of the biggest social media platforms on earth into your marketing strategies starting today.


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