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Boca Raton’s “The WOW Factory” partners with for all their Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing Requirements 

The Boca Raton headquarters for kid’s parties, The WOW Factory, has partnered with search engine marketing firm to help increase business at the combination restaurant and children’s activity fun center. The decision which lead to the partnership was based on the tremendous growth of the business since has taken over all the online marketing efforts for The WOW factory.

“The WOW Factory has experienced great growth since it opened and its reputation is growing. Growth has been so good, that the marketing and promotion side of the business was growing past what the company felt it could handle. The owners want to concentrate on running their business, not marketing,” said Mark Battalini with . “So they contacted us.”

By partnering with the marketing firm, The WOW Factory does not have to worry about maintaining its website to stay congruent with all the latest search engine updates, issuing press releases or handling social media demands. Mr. Battalini said anyone who has ever tried to run a brick-and-mortar business and manage everything that happens online can understand the need for help. “It really can be overwhelming. The importance of online marketing, especially the SEO side of it as well as social media, has skyrocketed in recent years,” he said. “More and more companies are discovering they need to have someone either in house devoted to online matters full time or they need to hire someone.”

Tom Head owner and operator of The Wow Factory was cited saying “By contracting with, The WOW Factory has eliminated the need to manage matters that are not part of their core mission. Now, our company can focus all their attention on what really matters, making kids happy”.

“They concentrate on making kids happy when the kids come in. We concentrate on getting more kids to go to the WOW Factory. It’s the kind of partnership where both of us benefit,” Mr. Battalini said.

The WOW Factory has over 50+ Games and Attractions for all ages including Laser Tag, Ballocity, Sky Trail Elevated Ropes Course, Wow Mountain Adventure Climbing Wall, Laser Frenzy, Arcade, a toddlers area and so much more. The WOW Factory offers food selections for both adults and children with free WIFI. offers a full suite of online marketing efforts from web design SEO, PPC advertising to social media creation and management. The marketing company works with many of Boca Raton’s most successful businesses.

For more information about and how they can increase your online exposure visit their site at .

For more information about the The Wow Factory visit


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SEO Company Boca Raton offers full line of digital marketing services

Seomavericks has cultivated quite a community following in Boca Raton as a leader in Marketing and a pioneer of digital services in South Florida.  Recently, in an effort to educate Boca Raton’s young entrepreneurs, Mark Battalini took to Florida Atlantic University to help these students establish their businesses online.  What’s known to most as the Boca Raton Chamber YEA! Program, it establishes a ground base for aspiring entrepreneurs to find their paths through education classes assisted by local business owners.

“With the university being in Boca Raton, we were thrilled to be a part of their efforts to help young men and women in the next stage of becoming active business people in the community.  Since my business is in Boca Raton, it’s important to know that these types of aspirations are possible,” said Mark Battalini of

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, a crucial cog in the fundamental search engines Google, Yahoo & Bing .  SEO, when completed by experienced Specialists like Mark Battalini, it helps businesses reach the top of the search engines for optimal visibility by optimizing website page content, performing off-site SEO, content distribution and creating content that’s viral and newsworthy.

“Being on the first page of Google is like having prime real estate in a perfect location.  Everyone wants to live there, but most don’t know the path.  We basically have the roadmap the Digital marketing execution.” exclaimed, Mark Battalini.

“Search engine companies such as Google are always updating and revising their search algorithms.  When they do, rankings change, and sometimes change drastically.  We at Seomavericks strive to keep your business on the first page, where 90 percent of all who use search engines look and stay. Bottom line “If it can happen online, we can help you,” said Battalini.

With the huge number of services and goods provided in Boca Raton, competing to stay on top is difficult, but not impossible.

“We want to help you and your businesses in Boca Raton.  I live and work here like you do, so it is important to help our local economy excel,” Battalini continued.

Seomavericks will perform a completely thorough inspection of your online presence, which includes services like making sure your optimized for the right keywords, your meta information is congruent with the theme of your website, your keyword density is perfected, your using alt text within your images, your H1 – H6 tags are being utilized properly, the strength of your competition and where opportunities are to out rank them, are you capitalizing and improving your overall search engine rankings by utilizing Social Media platforms and a whole host of professional SEO services prevalent in today’s digital age.

“This is a completely complimentary thorough diagnostics of every detail regarding your web presence and where you excel or possibly fall off. We want you to succeed. If it weren’t for our local clients we wouldn’t be where we are today, so giving back just seems like the right thing to do. We look forward to hearing from you,” said Battalini.

For more information about Seomavericks, the preferred SEO Company Boca Raton, visit their website at

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SEO Company aligns itself with Boca Raton program is proud to be a part of the Boca Chamber Young Entrepreneurs Academy, YEA! for short.

“We are very excited to be able to help young men and women who have a strong drive and desire to become the next successful business leaders in Boca Raton, Florida and the U.S.,” said Mark Battalini of

Each year, the YEA! program helps youth in a partnership with Florida Atlantic University start a real business or non-profit organization.  With the vast number of businesses moving online or existing solely online, was asked to help.

“As a part of the program, our job at is to help students understand the process of business in the virtual world.  We help them build a website and teach them how to market it successfully with SEO,” Battalini said. is a local SEO company.  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  SEO is important for businesses who seek to be ranked on major search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Bing. “Many young entrepreneurs understand the importance of an online presence, but they lack the understanding of SEO and how to get their name on the search engines.  This is where we come in,” Battalini continued.

The YEA! program is currently offered in all 50 states and 100 percent of graduates graduate high school on time, and 95 percent go on to a post secondary institution. “The program’s success speaks for itself.  It is a goal that with our guidance and support the participants see their businesses excel, and in the process, they learn something about the SEO world as well,” Battalini continued.

For additional information about the YEA! program, visit the Boca Raton Chapter website at and to find out more information about how Seomavericks can assist your online marketing needs visit their  website at or call them at: 1-888-814-5557

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