Re-targeting Marketing

Re-targeting Marketing has to be hands down the most effective strategy for complimenting all your marketing efforts combined. As well, exponentially increasing your ROI by incorporating this method. By placing a strip of code on your website any visitor you receive will then drop what’s known as a cookie. A cookie is a form of text file that makes it possible to track said visitor all over the Internet.


Thus by doing so we’re able to remain on their radar with our clients messages and offers by placing pre-made marketing banners within their path.

Why is Re-targeting Marketing So Effective?

Retargeting marketing is extremely effective due to the simple fact that we’re staying right with your prospect at the key times they are in a decision making cycle…and/or at the key times they are most receptive to hearing about your products and services.

Why would this matter?

It matters because your spending money on your marketing right? What happens when a visitor hits your site through whatever marketing channels you may be deploying and does absolutely nothing…They didn’t opt in…They didn’t call you and they didn’t email you. In two words “They’re Gone!”  But that still doesn’t mean they weren’t interested in your products. They may just not have been ready to make the purchase at that moment.

If you have retargeting in place, you can stay “Top of Mind” while your products and services are fresh in your prospects mind and wean them back.

Example Retargeting Banners 

Retargeting Marketing Banners --Seomavericks Boca Raton
Retargeting offers marketers and business owners the ability to target display ads, specifically to users who have previously been to their site and haven't completed a desired action.

Recycle Your Traffic…It Flat Out Works!

Retargeting marketing works! Its cost effective and can completely reverse a non buyer prospect into a repeat customer if utilized correctly. At Seomavericks we have a lot of experience in retargeted marketing or retargeting marketing if you prefer.We can create the perfect targeted banner for your ideal client and keep presenting your messages to them wherever they may be on the Internet!

Albeit Social Media sites, blogs, forums, Pandora, Youtube, Instagram, facebook..It really doesn’t matter.

When you’re ready to take your marketing to this level and know 100% verifiably you’re completely dialed in on attracting your perfect customer…Give Seomavericks a call. We’ll work out all the details of your messages with you, create beautiful banners that attract and sell…handle the entire set up and help you recycle ALL that traffic that would have been wasted had it not been for retargeting marketing!

See ya soon!


Seomavericks is a local South Florida SEO/Digital Marketing agency that provides online marketing solutions for local business owners that are designed to help them achieve a competitive advantage online. By incorporating sophisticated digital marketing strategies for our clients we ensure their ability to present their primary products and services to their ideal target market at the key times and places they’d be most receptive to hearing about our client’s particular services and offers.

For more information or to discuss how Seomavericks can assist you with your online marketing initiatives give us a call at 1-888-814-5557 or fill out our contact us form here: CONTACT US and one of our friendly customer service reps will be happy to assist you.

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