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 “By 2015 more people will use mobile phones to

access the internet than will use PCs”

Smartphone users nationwide are utilizing their phones for more than just conversation.  They’re using them to find YOU…and when they do, how will you be portrayed?

Watch This Video To Learn EXACTLY how to Find Out Who’s Searching For Your Business Using Mobile Devices With Full Internet Browsers…iPads, Smartphones, Google Android Tablets etc.

We know you’re a smart and savvy business person and you know you should have a mobile version of your company website so when searchers look for you on their smart phones or tablets your site is SUPER EASY to find,


 navigate and COMPLETELY User Friendly!

Why Seomavericks for your Mobile Website?

Our Mobile Web Technicians will install a mobile friendly version of your website with all the bells and whistles! Just like in the example of our own mobile friendly site below…We’ll add all the custom colors to match the

 theme of your existing site, we’ll add the click to call, the map feature if you have a Google Maps account, a click to text to any mobile phone you choose, an email opt in form if you like and a custom menu with easy navigation to any page on your site…all wrapped up and packaged in a nice little bundle.

(*Hosting is additional $9.95 a month – can cancel anytime – no contracts required)

Mobile websites make it simple for users to interact quickly, effectively and easily with their smartphones to check out the website they’re looking for.  If your business is local, nationwide, or even worldwide, you expect your customers to find you.  A mobile website is an effective medium for consumers on the go.

mobile website design company boca raton

When you visit a normal website on a mobile phone, it usually becomes difficult to navigate because the small screen may not be large enough to accommodate a website made for a regular screen monitor or laptop.  At Seomavericks, we offer top-notch mobile website design services that help you reach your target audience effectively, while maintaining the aspect ratio of your website in a condensed and neatly positioned format that’s simple to read and easy to use.  Our services include:

  •  Mobile Website Optimization-We convert your normal website into a mobile version while maintaining content and optimization from the full site.
  • Regular Website & Mobile Website – Sync Any changes that you request or make on your regular website are automatically updated on your mobile site…for free.
  • Countless Design Options- Select from a variety of our templates or an original Seomavericks mobile website design that fits your specific business.
  • Click-to- Call Add a click-to-call button to make it easy for your customers to contact you.  One push of the screen and your consumer can make a call to your business in seconds…directly from your mobile website
  • SMS- A simple, effective way for visiting consumers to text your business information to a friend in seconds.
  • Mobile Analytics- Keep track of all your mobile website traffic and site visitors
  • Mobile Map with Directions- We can add a mobile map to your site with step-by-step directions to your business from their location

Contact Seomavericks today to schedule a free website consultation and find out why mobile website design is a pivotal key in opening the door to your online success.


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