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We don’t Want 50% Of YOUR Profits Like The other Guys!

Your Zip, Your Audience, Your Business…Your Profits!

email_marketing_company_boca_ratonAt Seomavericks, we say keep your hard earned money…YOU deserve it not us! For $59.00 a month (3month Minimum) you can send up to 3000 emails (1000 a month) with your logo. your brand, your phone number, your website, your email, offer whatever to any zip code you desire anywhere in the United States. INCLUDING FREE custom graphics and targeted demographics ie: Men, Women or Men and Women. Oh and did I mention all tracking and reporting are in REAL TIME. You’ll know exactly how many opens you received, how many visitors clicked through to your website and of course how many coupon redemption’s come through your front door…Talk about measuring ROI!

We Handle Everything For You!

It doesn’t get any easier than this…You tell us your offer and which zip codes and demographics you would like to target…We go to WORK! We do all the FREE customization and designing of the email creative. We show you live whats available as far as demographics and available email accounts within your chosen areas…Launch the campaign and see profits. If that isn’t as simple as it gets than we don’t know what is.

Creative Examples:

email marketing agency boca raton




Campaign Results are Localized, Targeted, Relevant and drive significant ROI. Pick your zip code, select preferred gender, choose the right audience.

Email is still a HUGE avenue of communication.  At SEO Mavericks, we email your coupon, special offer or sale to consumers right in your geo-targeted zip code that have requested to receive offers and specials from local businesses just like yours. Small, Medium Business subscriptions offer businesses a broad range of mailing options. You can comfortably choose the best option for you, making it suitable to fit any budget and any business size.

Simple and Affordable Packages


email marketing agency boca raton

“Customers don’t buy because you want them to buy; they do so when they are ready to… that’s why we built this program…to provide that constant prospecting service”…

~Mark Battalini



You can increase your volume with any subscription reaching more New Customers every month!

Contact us and start seeing results TODAY!



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