Seo Firms – Major Expense or High Return Investment?

Seo Firms – Major Expense or High Return Investment?

When it comes to calculating what would be a good return on your investment for an SEO Firm to initate seo services for your site, you have to take several variables into consideration.

First and foremost you need to ask…what kind of seo services will the seo firm be performing?

In order to answer that, one would have to look at  what condidtion your site is in ie: age of domain, page rank, keywords trying to optimize for, amount of competition for those keywords etc. This would give you and the seo a better understanding of what it’s going to entail to get your site effectively ranked in the search engines.

So for this example lets just say your site needs the whole Magilla. You need on page seo work completed as well as off site search engine optimization help.

Now I can’t speak for anybody but myself but knowing quite a bit about seo and how long it can take to do it correctly this could end up costing you in the neighborhood of minimum, a couple of thousand dollars. Again, lets say $2500.00 for this example.

What I would do in order to calculate what kind of ROI I would be hoping/looking for is I would calculate the value of my customers.

Some businesses have a HCV or higher customer value, meaning that one sale could generate hundreds or thousands of dollars. A good example of this would be moving companies. A moving company charges thousands whether or not your moving across the street or across town. So for a moving company if they were to get their sites optimized and ranking on the first page of the Big 3 search engines they stand a chance of gaining a huge return on a minimal investment.

Bearing in mind the #1 organic ranked site gets 40 – 45% of the clicks. So if a well optimized website was on the first page top spot and was getting lets say at the very least 100 clicks a month (that’s an extremely low click rate) but all the same lets also say thier website converts at 3% (also low) and their average moving package is $1500.00 dollars.

Right out of the gate their getting $4500.00 in sales….Their seo cost them $2500.00 the ROI for that scenario is obviously $2000.00. But…

You have to remember two things…Technically that was found money because they had a website acting like a sales person working for them so that when the searcher / visitor sat down looking for what they were selling they landed on their page at the exact moment that prospect was in the buying frame of mind…That my freinds is what’s known as a laser targeted lead.

Secondly, Once their site has been fully optimized by the seo firm, the cost for maintaining it monthly should drop usually by 2/3 rd’s depending on what the client want’s done from there on out,  leaving them well in the black for any future sales without huge out of pocket seo costs.

That’s smart and a great business model.

“Mark Battalini” is a professional SEO Expert and search engine optimization and marketing specialist in Boca Raton and owner of If you require any seo services or would just like a FREE one on one consultation please do not hesitate to call at Local: 561-542-9606 or Toll Free: 1-888-814-5557 for any and all your SEO requirements or visit us at Seo Mavericks .

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Mark Battalini

Mark Battalini

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