SEO Company Boca Raton – Optimizing Facebook For Maximum Engagement

SEO Company Boca Raton – Optimizing Facebook For Maximum Engagement

Mark Battalini

SEO Company Boca Raton – Optimizing Facebook For Maximum Engagement

If you’re a business owner, then you know the power and importance of having an online presence, especially one on social media. By using social media on a daily basis, you’re amplifying your brand with consistency and relevancy online.  Thus, making it easy for consumers to find, interact and contact you when they’re ready to buy or research your company.  Business owners know and understand social media’s importance and many of them utilize sites like Facebook and Twitter in their overall marketing efforts.  The only questions we have are:

  1. Are you capitalizing on your engagement? 
  2. Are fans talking about you? 
  3. Are you using these platforms to promote brand recognition?

If you are, then stop reading this blog entry now and get back to killing social.  However, if you want to learn a few tips on MAXIMIZING your Facebook posts with a few tweaks, then READ on!

First, ALWAYS include a photo in your Facebook Posts.

SEO Company Boca Raton

Posts on Facebook that include a photo or a photo album generate about 180% more engagement* than the average post based on internal Facebook studies and average results.  Think about it, if you’re scrolling through your Facebook News Feed and an image pops up you’re more prone to look at the content from an aesthetic standpoint.  Be sure to feature images that capture the ESSENCE of your brand.

Don’t babble too much!

If your Facebook posts are wordy, fans will breeze right by them.  You need quick engaging content.  Smartphone users are on the go, they need content that’s effective and easy to read.  Posts with less than three lines of text see about 60% more likes*, comments and shares than anything with more than 250 characters.  Don’t sell the steak, sell the sizzle!

Make a post schedule and stick to it!

SEO Company Boca Raton

For businesses, you should be posting at least 5 times a week.  This keeps you active on Facebook and at the forefront of your fan’s Facebook News Feed. Companies who are finding huge amounts of success with Social stick to a regimented posting schedule. Stay relevant!

Post your content at the right time!

User engagement on Facebook is at its peak from 2-10pm*.  By posting during peak hours your views for your posts are multiplied to receive 40% more viewer exposure. Capitalize!

Be relevant to your fans

Post content that’s seasonable, such as current events, holidays or even local news.  Fans want to know your business, but they also want to know there’s a human element of approachability to your cause.  If Veterans Day were today, I would recommend posting a quality and a brief quote.  Your engagement and interactivity will sky rocket!

Make ‘em “LIKE” you!

SEO Company Boca Raton

As a salesman you would ask for the sale, right?  Well, it’s the same for social!

Ask and you shall receive. 

Create a question with a fill in the blank post.  These types of posts garner more than 90% more engagement* than the average text based post. Also, a quick call to action captures your fan’s attention and tells them how to engage with your content.  Call to action terms include:

  1. Share
  2. Comment
  3. Like

Make sure these show in the first 90 characters of your post or you’ll lose traction with your marketing message.  Each post should be tailor-made.  Sharing posts from fans, with their permission of course, helps generate user-generated content for your page.

These are just a few tips to get you posting like a true social media champ.  We know Mr. Zuckerberg is smiling from his desk right now saying: “Yes, they get it.  Those guys GET IT.”

Thanks, Zuck

For more on our proven Social Media Marketing Strategies and Management Services, visit your favorite SEO company in Boca Raton, for details.  Happy Posting!

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*All engagement data and statistics are based on internal Facebook studies and represent average results.

Mark Battalini

SEO Agency Boca Raton | Internet Marketing Agency Boca Raton | Mark Battalini owner of led efforts to the referrals of countless large-name companies and clients. Mark Battalini, being a visionary that possesses an entrepreneurial mindset, continually shifts gears to pursue his own objectives of creating high ROI SEO & SEM campaigns for his clients. Mark is able to take a hands-on approach with large national partners to build and oversee their online marketing programs and maximize their potential to the fullest. He has led Seomavericks Inc. to higher degrees of market orientation and customer intimacy.

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