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Higher Education Marketing

Higher education is one of the most intimidating industries in marketing today. Decreasing enrollments, spiking tuitions, and soft job markets have made it more challenging than ever to promote the value of a college education.

Whether you are in the postsecondary or collegiate education industry, your educational marketing needs to be on point. And as the same with any other industry the education sector requires just as much if not more traffic, exposure online, brand recognition, market saturation and starts…As well like other industries it’s of the utmost importance to have a viable marketing plan that executes on all levels in order to ensure you’re staying ahead of your competition while getting in front of your core market.

Seomavericks offers real, actionable steps for Higher Education Facilities to create stronger brands, develop smarter strategies, and to get the most out of their online marketing efforts.

Over the last 9 years Seomavericks has helped education facilities just like yours accomplish their marketing initiatives by getting their schools directly in front of their target market by utilizing marketing channels that engage your prospective students on their terms. By leveling the playing field and marketing to your prospects on their terms your providing  solutions to their problems. Thus making you appear as the authority in their eyes.

Your Prospect Has Spoken…Are You Around To Hear Them?

One of the most effective ways we’ve found to hear your markets voice is by showing up in the places they congregate. By being where your market is it gives you the competitive advantage and is essential to your marketing efforts. It’s a process we call multi-channel marketing and it works as good as a road map on delivering your company’s core messages, products and services directly to your marketplace.

It allows you to capture their attention as well as gain insight that can ultimately uncover needs for products and services that could’ve gone unannounced however relevant to your potential customers while elevating your business as the authority in your marketplace.

The Simple Answer…If you’re Looking To Drive More Sales To Your School…It’s Essential To Gain More Awareness…

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Budget Controlled Laser Targeted Marketing

Corporations, companies, businesses however you want to label them, big or small are missing huge opportunities by not utilizing the marketing channels available to them. We see it everyday. For example…If you sell boaters insurance…wouldn’t you think that there are a gazzillion boat related groups on Facebook where you could craft your message and deliver it with pinpoint accuracy right under their noses? That’s whats called a custom audience with a precise interest. In order to win online you have to think like your perfect customer…Where are they hanging out online? What are their needs? Which of your products and services could fulfill those needs?

There’s NEVER been a better time in history to market exactly where your customers are.

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Bottom line is, if more and more customers are visiting your website than your office these days you have to ask yourself how much time and effort are you devoting or are prepared to devote to your online presence?

“In some, if not most cases waiting is more expensive than starting”.

Whatever your budget for your websites online and/or your social media presence is, it’s cheap compared to doing nothing while your competitors keep passing you by.

Keep fishing in small ponds and you’re gonna keep catching small fish…Start fishing in bigger ponds and you will catch bigger fish.

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What Higher Education Marketing Can Do For Your School: Increase Opportunities and Admissions by Deploying Multi-channel Marketing Strategies

Build Brand Awareness0%
Generate Leads0%
Sign Up More Starts0%
  • Website Design -Start with a clear identity with an easy to navigate user interface.
  • SEO – Establish your presence with keyword dominance in your local GEO areas
  • Social Media – Engage with prospects as well as influencers within your vertical for total social saturation
  • Adwords – Run laser targeted Adwords campaigns structured with highly relevant ads and keywords for market share saturation
  • Retargeted Marketing – Recycle your traffic by staying top of mind while engaging with your prospects.
  • Lead Capture – Build your database and lower your costs per acquisition and increase ROI by capturing your prospects information
  • Email Campaigns – Nurture your list by staying in touch and providing value driven (niche related) content and offers.
  • Content Marketing – Drive qualified prospects to your online properties by providing helpful, insightful, topically related content.
  • Backlinking – Garner high quality theme-related backlinks for search engine ranking dominance


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