Retargeting Marketing – How it works

retargeting marketing

Retargeting Marketing – How it works

WhethBLOG-PIC-2017 SEOMAV MARKer you’re an experienced marketer or not you may want to consider adding retargeting marketing to your arsenal. Let’s face it…You might be doing SEO, Social Media, Google Adwords etc. correctly and assuming you’re decent at it, sending some pretty serious traffic to your product and/or service pages….However….what happens with the traffic you’ve sweated cold hard cash trying to acquire does absolutely nothing once they’ve arrived on your site?

That’s where retargeting marketing comes in. (Also known as retargeted marketing) Once you’ve placed that pixel tracking code on your website any traffic from any medium will then drop a cookie thus allowing you to track that potential customer all over the Internet staying top of mind while they’re in a decision making (or better yet) buying making cycle.

Retargeting marketing is a form of marketing that involves reintroducing your product or service to people who have interacted with your business before. Online retargeting involves marketing to users who have previously visited your website by using display banners and social media product banners.

What are the benefits?

Retargeting is a better form of marketing known to have higher conversion rates than direct marketing to people who have not interacted with your business before. With this form of marketing, you only focus on people who have had an experience with your brand. This basically means that you get to target people in the last stages of the buying funnel. Unlike the normal display ads which are shown to people who have never been to your website before, the retargeting ads allow you to convert faster because there’s no need to re-introduce yourself or establish trust because at this point you’re more or less just recycling (Staying Top of Mind) the visitors that have already seen your message, product or services.

How can you use retargeting?

Retargeting Marketing Banners --Seomavericks Boca RatonHave unique banner ads: The banner ad should be enticing to your target customers. This involves coming up with designs that feature products or services that are most appealing to your target customers. Create high quality content on the banners to give the viewers something to look forward to. The captions should be attractive and all images need to be clear.

Custom landing pages: When you have display ads, make sure they are sending people to the right landing pages. Customize your landing pages to make it easier for customers to find what they were looking for when clicking on the ad. A unique design, proper website structure and fast loading speed will go a long way in improving conversions.

Ongoing optimization: Ads need to be properly optimized in order to show for the right searches. Make sure you use the right keywords because this will also impact on the kinds of people your ad appears. For instance, if the search ad campaign is not done to target the right kind of users, your retargeting display ads will not appear to the right segment. Aim to perform proper optimization if you want retargeting to work for you.

Avoid too much retargeting: Too much retargeting can work against you. You need to avoid using a single display ad for a very long time and also putting your entire budget on this channel. When users see 7 or 12 of your ads, it tends to be overwhelming and could actually work against you. Do not bombard your users with ads since they will not interact with them as you hope.

Bottom line: We all know what doing nothing begets….it begets nothing. If you’re going to market your business on any level and spending a budget regardless of how modest or abundant that budget might be…consider adding Retargeting Marketing to your marketing lineup. It’s an extremely powerful way to stay in front of your target market at the precise moment they showed an interest in your products and/or services.

If all of this seems overwhelming and/or too tedious a task for you to embark on, let a professional handle it. Seomavericks is the best when it comes to SEO and online marketing including…yes….retargeting. We can help create, market and most importantly, optimize your retargeting ads. Don’t leave a self created ad to chance, as you could very well be throwing money away!


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