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Capture anonymous website visitors’ contact details and Discover the huge advantage that presents

Search Engines and Social Networks will continue to reinvent new ways for businesses to engage customers. At Seomavericks we make it our business to understand these mechanisms and help businesses like yours utilize them for successful results-driven online marketing campaigns.

Re-targeting Marketing has to be hands down the most effective strategy for complimenting all your marketing efforts combined. As well, exponentially increasing your ROI by incorporating this method. By placing a strip of code on your website were able to capture anonymous website visitors’ contact details. Imagine being able to capture emails from prospects that NEVER opted-in, called, or contacted you.


Thus by doing so we’re able to remain on their radar with our clients messages and offers by placing pre-made marketing banners within their path.

Why is Re-targeting Marketing So Effective?

Retargeting marketing is extremely effective due to the simple fact that we’re staying right with your prospect at the key times they are in a decision making cycle…and/or at the key times they are most receptive to hearing about your products and services.

Why would this matter?

It matters because your spending money on your marketing right? What happens when a visitor hits your website through whatever marketing channels you may be deploying and does absolutely nothing…They didn’t opt-in…They didn’t call you and they didn’t email you. In two words “They’re Gone!”  But that still doesn’t mean they weren’t interested in your products. They may just not have been ready to make the purchase at that moment.

If you have retargeting in place, you can stay “Top of Mind” while your products and services are fresh in your prospects mind and wean them back.

Example of What Our Retargeting Offers

  • Know who’s coming to your website and when in real-time and easily obtain sales-ready leads.
  • Instantly multiply your lead generating efforts from all your “other” online marketing efforts and channels like PPC (Google Ads) (Facebook PPC) (Adroll) etc.
  • Get a SECOND CHANCE: If they didn’t become a customer it gives you a second chance at getting in touch with them.
  • You can reach out before they have a chance to shop the competitor by utilizing (daily monitoring)
  • You’ll know exactly what message/information to send them due to recognizing the pages they just visited
  • Increase Revenue by focusing sales efforts on only the Hottest Prospects
  • Close more business by triggering a sales message at exactly the right time.
  • Once converted to clients, new clients can obviously bring in additional recurring income and/or referring more clients to your business.
  • Very quickly be able to respond and get your core messages directly in front of hyper-engaged prospects that would otherwise be very difficult to target elsewhere (or at best hit or miss)
  • Control who your marketing to through other channels such as Facebook by being able to upload custom audience lists…as well as having Facebook create look-a-like audiences based on the same persona of your new audience lists. (vastly multiplies your reach)
  • Increase sales activity by being able to identify potential clients or people interested in your products and services that would have been missed opportunities (Meaning) you would’ve had no idea who visited your site through regular marketing venues without this type of tracking ability and information.
  • Once converted to a client you won’t ever have to pay/buy the client click again.
  • Utilize one code on multiple landing pages or websites to ensure all your potential leads are entering your client portal to market (re-market) back to.
  • Turn paid marketing into almost free marketing by utilizing email once you obtained the prospect’s contact details
If you're not remarketing or retargeting your website's like throwing the needles back into the haystack. Stop repaying for your traffic over and over again and turn them from cold prospects into active clients on their first visit with Seomavericks Retargeting.

Recycle Your Traffic…It Flat Out Works!

Retargeting marketing works! Its cost effective and can completely reverse a non buyer prospect into a repeat customer when utilized correctly. At Seomavericks we have a lot of experience in retargeted marketing or retargeting marketing if you prefer.

When you’re ready to take your marketing to this level and know 100% verifiably you’re completely dialed in on attracting and acquiring your perfect customer…Give Seomavericks a call. We’ll help you recycle ALL that traffic that would have been wasted had it not been for retargeting marketing!

See ya soon!

Retargeting offers business owners the ability to target specific site visitors who have previously been to their site yet didn't complete a desired action.
Once signed up you’ll be able to use your username and password below to sign in to your Seomavericks Remarket portal.

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