Is Your Website Giving a Great First Impression Of Your Business?

Is Your Website Giving a Great First Impression Of Your Business?

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Granted having a well maintained office, spa, restaurant, dentist office or what have you is important when making a first impression on potential clients, but its safe to say that your physical location isn’t the first stop that most of these potential clients are forming that first impression…Uh Oh…!

Yep…Its true. 89% of of consumers shop online before ever stepping into a physical brick and mortar location prior to making a purchase. And this is scary for the would be procrastinator…because…35% of searches online are for local businesses. That’s over 1 out of 3 peolpe searching in your neighborhood for products and services from businesses just like yours. Another fact that might make you want to rethink putting off dressing up that website is…┬áThere are over 2.8 billion Local Searches performed online every month and that number is growing at a rate of 50% a year. And just to drive my point home…82% of local searchers follow up offline via an in-store visit, phone call or purchase… and out of all those potential customers 80% of their budgets are spent within 50 miles of their homes.

Wow! That was a mouthful…But the point is…Yes! definitely get rid of those old chairs with half the cushion tearing out of them and maybe re-install those falling down blinds BUT…think about it….Do a head count…count how many people visit your actual physical location in one day and then look at your Google Analytics report for the same day to see how many searchers hit your home page and veered off due to the fact that your site isn’t updated or user friendly… or left a bad impression.

One question remains…What could that be possibly costing you in new business, new clients, and building the foundation of your success for years to come.

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Mark Battalini

SEO Agency Boca Raton | Internet Marketing Agency Boca Raton | Mark Battalini owner of led efforts to the referrals of countless large-name companies and clients. Mark Battalini, being a visionary that possesses an entrepreneurial mindset, continually shifts gears to pursue his own objectives of creating high ROI SEO & SEM campaigns for his clients. Mark is able to take a hands-on approach with large national partners to build and oversee their online marketing programs and maximize their potential to the fullest. He has led Seomavericks Inc. to higher degrees of market orientation and customer intimacy.

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