Get More Bang for Your Business with YouTube

Get More Bang for Your Business with YouTube

If you didn’t know that YouTube is the single most watched video site on the internet, or that it is free to create videos for a 5 billion viewer population, then you are missing out on the great big bang of a business influencer that is YouTube.

So, let’s make this fast and get you up to date by pointing out the mega reasons YouTube is so great!

#1 People Like Easy!

People today are media literate and they pursue instant gratification through the internet at a rate of 54 minutes per hour. What makes up part of that time of automatic feel goods for people are Videos. People prefer the easy way out and will commit to watching a video over reading or researching something they are interested in. Perhaps you disagree, however, we are talking about the masses here, so let’s get real. Watching a video is easy! And for you the video-maker, it can also be fun and easily done with your PC, phone or tablet.

#2 It’s Free!

If a person even makes one small call to action such as remembering your business because of your video, you have just made a return on no investment, because YouTube is free. All that is required to get started, believe it or not, is opening a Google account. Yes, Google owns this too.

#3 Popularity is a Contest

Being popular on the internet is a no brainer for business success. So having as many outlets possible to raise your businesses popularity on the web is a must-do. Get your channel likes and followers and just think, you could be opening up a secondary market for income. Did that get your attention?! If your channel does extremely well, meaning having subscribers in the hundreds of thousands then other business will pay you to advertise on your channel! Just don’t allow your competition on there, right?!!

#4 Make Your Business a Star

Lastly, did you know that YouTube makes stars? That’s right just like American Idol, YouTube is responsible for creating mega-stars, and the most well-known is Justin Bieber. I hope you are not saying, “So what if Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube at ten years old playing his guitar by a huge music production company, and is now a multi-billion-dollar mega star.” What we want you to realize is that YouTube reaches the masses, which includes big business conglomerates all the way to the working man or woman who lives in your city. So with all this great, highly watched potential that is free, isn’t it time you get your business banging with a channel on YouTube!?  If your answer is No, then you are missing out on providing exposure, reviews, and likes for your business, which we all know means money to make!


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