Multi-Channel Marketing

Multichannel marketing is the ability to interact with potential customers on various platforms.

“The customer journey has grown more complex”


Albeit Online or offline…Multi-channel or Cross-Media marketing is defined by many organizations as the ability to communicate to potential customers on multiple platforms. Multi-channel Marketing is a form of marketing that you’re going to need to embrace if you want to make sales online…Even if those sales are ultimately directed to purchases offline ie: your brick and mortar business location.

It basically entails running multiple campaigns using multiple marketing tactics, on places such as Social Media outlets, TV , Radio, Adwords Pay per click advertisements, video marketing, re-targeting or email etc. Marketers today are pacing with how consumers operate: in lots of places all at once.

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In the most simplistic term, multichannel marketing is all about choice…

The objective of the companies doing the marketing is to make it easy for a consumer to buy from them in whatever way is most appropriate.

To be effective, multi-channel marketing needs to be supported by good supply chain management systems, so that the details and prices of goods on offer are consistent across the different channels. It might also be supported by detailed analysis of the return on investment from each different channel, measured in terms of customer response and conversion of sales. The contribution each channel delivers to sales can be assessed via attribution modeling. Some companies target certain channels at different demographic segments of the market or at different socio-economic groups of consumers.

MultiChannel marketing allows the retail merchant to reach its prospective or current customer in a channel of his/ her liking.

Receptive Audiences at The Key Time Is a Game Changing Strategy…

By showing up not only when and where your customers are, but also at the key times they are most attentive, receptive and willing to act, your putting your business in an extremely favorable position.

Seomavericks Markets By Example…

Call a Maverick and we’ll work with you to develop a cohesive online marketing plan that will not only encompass your entire online objectives, but will embrace your prospects and attract them to your business at the same time…


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