Don’t Waste Your Web Traffic – CTA Bar

Don’t Waste Your Web Traffic – CTA Bar

Are people visiting your website and aren’t purchasing or calling you? Are you paying to drive traffic to your website (Google Adwords, Facebook PPC, etc…)?

So all these potential prospects are getting to your website from all sorts of different avenues from your current marketing efforts. Now what happens if they don’t buy when they visit your site and they just leave? Well, then you just lost those potential customers and can’t just reach back out to them.

This is a problem that many businesses face and don’t even realize the amount of money they are leaving on the table. There is a saying in Internet marketing, “There is money in the list” and that can’t be any truer. With all this traffic going to your website you need to focus on not just selling your product or service but building your list. By building your list you are building a hyper responsive audience to send your marketing material right into their inbox.

Here is how you can capture a large percentage of your visitors and turn them into clients.


What is a CALL TO ACTION BAR? It’s a simple opt-in form that you put on the website with an IRRISTABLE offer (exclusive benefit) they receive by joining your list. By them joining the list you now have their name and email address to reach back out to them via an email marketing campaign to turn them into customers.

Below is an example of a Before & After –

Website before opt-in form:

CTA Bar Service

Website After opt-in from was added:

Call To Action Bar Service

From the two images above you can see how quickly your eyes move to the CTA Bar at the bottom on the second image vs. the first image it’s just the site and nothing draws your attention.

Prior to adding the opt-in form to the site they were only capturing email addresses from clients that came into the salon. There was no Call To Action to drive visitors to sign up for their newsletter.

After adding the opt-in form to the site we captured 33 sign-ups within the first 7 days and 58 within the first 14 days. These are all people that are interested in the products and services; plus they are showing interest in becoming a customer by signing up. They may just need a little push.

Now that these people are in the email database and we can market to them via email. We can send Newsletters, Coupons/ Specials, Upcoming events, etc… to convert them into customers.

If you’re interested in growing your customer base by adding a Call To Action Bar to your website to capture leads/ potential customers contact us today at 888-814-5557 or Click Here for more information about the CTA Bar Service.

Originally written and published by: Jose Victor Castellanos ( COO)

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