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"Social media is directly tied to search results." With the emergence of Google+, businesses have been integrated into the social platform, thus influencing the Google Crawlers. Twitter URL’s also earn direct links, as well. Social media has proven its worth as an add-on to great SEO. A...

"Google's Pagerank Technology Effects Your Marketing Budget"

Believe me when I tell you that whether you choose to acknowledge it or not your website is ALWAYS being dissected, scrutinized and monitored for relevancy and content under the careful watch of Googles "Page Rank Technology"...

What's that you say...? Page Rank Technology? What the H. E. Double L is that?  I thought if I just uploaded a website, put some pretty pictures on it and a way to contact me  little magic elves would come and carry it off to the promised land and I would magically appear all over the Internet lapping up leads left and right, conquer the world and crush my competitors one click at a time...

Boca Web Design | The First Point Of Contact With Your Clients

Granted having a well maintained office, spa, restaurant, dentist office or what have you is important when making a first impression on potential clients, but its safe to say that your physical location isn't the first stop that most of these potential clients are forming that first impression...Uh Oh...!

Boca SEO

Choosing The Right Seo Company

There’s plenty of reasons why so many SEO Firms are popping up all over the country, but the one that comes to mind first and foremost  is the fact that these SEO Firms know that the internet is growing at 50% every year. They also realize that traditional marketing strategies used for marketing businesses has fallen so far and so fast that being in the Search Engine Optimization Industry is a smart career choice for the would be seo optimizer.

The only question is now…Who do you hand your companies marketing budget over to, to try and get you to the top of the heap in the search engine wars?

That’s a great question and were going to try and help you make the right choice.