Bottom Line: Social AFFECTS SEO

Bottom Line: Social AFFECTS SEO

“Social media is directly tied to search results.”

With the emergence of Google+, businesses have been integrated into the social platform, thus influencing the Google Crawlers. Twitter URL’s also earn direct links, as well. Social media has proven its worth as an add-on to great SEO.

A Social Media presence adds to the overall SEO of a web presence by increasing lead valves that provide updated content. Social Media sites also show up in Google Search when consumers are looking for a business.

Social media has been elevated from “a potentially useful marketing tool” to “an official search engine ranking factor”. This means that for any business, the question is no longer “should I be involved in social media”” but “in which areas of social media can I most effectively spread my message?”

SEO and Social Media have always worked together for a common goal: marketing. In recent years, as search engine optimization becomes more commonplace for brick and mortar businesses, it’s important to have a social media presence that is seen. In a recent video, Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team, addresses the topic of whether or not links shared through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter affect the organic ranking of a website. His response: “Yes. Social media affects page rank.”

However, social ranks are affected not only by the number of followers (fans, etc) but the quality of those followers as well. Real people sharing real stories and opinions carries more weight than mindless bots.

This is a major change since Google last officially addressed this topic in May, 2010. At that time, Google was not measuring the quality, reach or influence of individual social media users. Now, the quality of individual users is taken into account when Google determines how much influence a post on a social site affects page rank.

Spreading your message on social media is now an important factor in your organic ranking, but the quality of your conversations is also important. Rather than jumping at the latest social media gadget, take the time to put in quality effort in a few areas where you can influence meaningful discussions, and you and your fans will all benefit.

Mark Battalini

SEO Agency Boca Raton | Internet Marketing Agency Boca Raton | Mark Battalini owner of led efforts to the referrals of countless large-name companies and clients. Mark Battalini, being a visionary that possesses an entrepreneurial mindset, continually shifts gears to pursue his own objectives of creating high ROI SEO & SEM campaigns for his clients. Mark is able to take a hands-on approach with large national partners to build and oversee their online marketing programs and maximize their potential to the fullest. He has led Seomavericks Inc. to higher degrees of market orientation and customer intimacy.

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