Eric Sklar – Southeast Commercial Properties- www.secomprop.com

“Mark and his whole team are definitely masters at their trade. They say what their going to do and then they do what they say. With everything that they did for us I was updated and informed every step of the way and never in the dark. And the results they acheived….Well lets just say being on page #1 in the commercial real estate niche has it’s upside, especially in this economy. Bottom line…Hire them if you can!  They definitely know their SEO and are true professionals.”

Theresa S. – Office Cubicles now- www.officecubiclesnow.com

“Mark and his staff worked on our website and then like two days later called me to see if I noticed we were on the first page of Google…I was SHOCKED! Shortly thereafter, they thrusted our company to the #1 position for my main keyword in my industry in my entire service area which is basically almost all of Florida. My only regret with Seo Mavericks is that I didn’t call them sooner.”

Carey Holder – Greensboro Remodeling Services- www.greensbororemodelingservices.com

“I started with no website, much less knowing how to get it on the first page of any search engine. Apparently not an issue with SEO Mavericks. FIVE days! Five days I had a website up AND it was on the first page of Google. When I finally picked my jaw up off the ground I was able to mutter something somewhat coherent to the tune of OMG Dude You ROCK! And about less than a week from then, I am #1 organically. I literally can’t say enough about Seo Mavericks and all they have done for us but Thank You Guys we really appreciate your efforts and dedication.” 

Steve C. Car Transport- www.cartransport.org

“Mark has been my SEO for quite sometime now and it has been a real pleasure working with him. His seo methods are solid and ethical and I have personally seen him get my rankings to the top of the search engines page1 no less out of over 77 million other competing websites. His knowledge of search engines and up to date research keeps him and his crew on the cutting edge and completely proficient at what they do. These guys are 100% quality and I’m glad to know them.”

Anita Pierce – Fast Diets Reviews-

“I highly recommend Mark and his team at SEOMavericks.com. I could have never of pulled off what they did in that short a period of time and I know seo…Or at least I thought I did. When they blew past Amazon and web m.d. in 3 short weeks with millions of other competing websites I was relieved because I knew I picked a winner. If they have the time to work with you, you should jump on the chance. I recommend them to everyone.”

Richard Ciriello – Boca Aikikai – www.bocaaikikai.com

” It was amazing! A multitude of our most competitve keywords were on the first page of Google in less than a week and are still there! If you need an seo specialist for your businesses website you just found the right company for the job! I highly recommend seomavericks.”

Ginny Goldman – New Age Center For Hypnosis www.newagecenterforhypnosis.com and www.ginnygoldman.com

“Seo Mavericks is Brilliant! I consider myself extremely fortunate that the first seo company I hired stunk so bad that I had to seek out another seo firm just to fix their mess. I’ve hired Seo Mavericks for two of my sites now and both of them are dominating the first pages of the search results. My suggestion…Hire them before your competition does.”

Mark Rosenbluth – Steambusters – www.steambusters.com

“I recommend Mark and his team to everyone I talk too about getting seo done for their websites. I have know problem personally recommending them to anyone.”

Chris Herman – Herman Advertising – www.hermanadvertising.com

“Mark is one of the most passionate people I have ever met when it comes to SEO.   We work together every day and his limitless energy and thirst for advanced  knowledge in the field significantly improves his clients overall effectiveness   online”

Dr Michael Harris –

“Mark’s SEO experience, critical thinking and insight are   always a welcome addition to our online projects and would be an asset to any   business requiring SEO assistance for their web properties, locally or   nationally. If you want to supercharge your business get Mark Battalini involved   in your business, today”

Rod Maldonado – Kids Bounce 4 Fun – www.kidsbounce4fun.com

“Seriously, I thought Google hated us. But after hiring seomavericks were sitting pretty on page one and almost number one for every keyword in our entire service area. If you get the chance to work with these guys…Just Do It!”

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