Yeah, About That Seomavericks Crew…Hmmmm?

First Off Meet The Team…

Seo Guru South Florida

Mark Battalini

web development specialist boca raton

Ryan Falcon
Web Development/Creative Director

Anita Battalini

Christina Gomez

seo specialist boca raton florida

Rick Perez
Local SEO Specialist – GMB/Yext Specialist

Eve Grey
Social Media Director/Content Writer

Jen Lawrence
Content Creation and Management

Luke Jon
SEO/Account Executive

Essential Customer Branding and Client Acquisition Strategists, Delivering Predefined Quantifiable Results.


“Seomavericks Inc. established in 2007 is a South Florida-based marketing company whose primary mission is to help our clients with their online visibility and achieve results . Our team represents expertise in a wide variety of backgrounds including Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, Social Media Creation and management, Facebook PPC marketing, Adwords, Analytics, Conversion tracking metrics, journalism, web design, content creation, Video Marketing, Press Releases, PR and email marketing . We thrive on the cutting edge, always coming up with innovative approaches and fresh ideas – a must when you’re working within a paradigm that changes its rules “one or two” times a day. We think it’s exciting to be on the forefront of such a dynamic and rapidly changing industry.

Seomavericks’ commitment to our customers and their business is simple… We view our services to you as an integral part of not only your’s but our success as well. We view our relationships with our clients as though they are our partners and members of our team. We take the time to actually listen to your needs so we fully understand your business objectives and present you with a suitable solution to achieve those objectives. When it comes to the way we do our marketing, there are no cookie-cutter, one size fits all marketing plans at Seomavericks. We develop and implement customized tactics to address your individual circumstances and get you the results you expect, every time.

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Now The Super Important Stuff…

We love pizza, bass fishing, optimizing websites, calling our moms (awww), brand new babies, camping out, talking SEO, calling our dad’s, hanging with friends, Italian sports cars, vacationing, creating videos, checking our friends on Facebook, social media, social bookmarking sites, selling girl scout cookies with our daughters, going to den meetings with our sons, basketball, soccer practice, screaming for joy when our sites hit #1, blogging, google, F-150’s, boating, date night with the spouses, honesty, America, having a good laugh, new clients, existing clients, Elvis, mojitos, fine dining, search engine marketing, under-promising and over-delivering, screaming for joy when a client’s website hits #1, celebrating the small victories, and most of all: giving back…