8 Ways to Use Twitter to Leverage Your SEO Rankings

8 Ways to Use Twitter to Leverage Your SEO Rankings

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Open a new tab and go to Google. Type in your first and last name, or the name of your business. If you are on Twitter, then a slider of your 3 most recent Tweets will show up near the top of the first results page. As a business owner or entrepreneur, you can harness this Google feature to grow your brand’s digital presence. At Titanium Marketing, the following is our process for how we use Twitter for SEO rankings.

1. Create a List of Keywords Relevant to Your Business

All search engine optimization techniques start with keywords. If you are already creating content for your company website, then you should have some keyword research to look back on to pick your keywords. If you aren’t yet creating content on a daily basis for your website, then using Twitter for SEO rankings is mostly useless.

The ultimate goal of this Twitter strategy is to get people interested enough in your business that they want to leave Twitter and check out your website. The best way to do that is by sharing links to blog posts that you have written, but if you just blast links constantly without following this process, you’ll get very few relevant clicks.

2. Brainstorm Some Talking Points Around Your Keywords

Once you have a list of keywords, the next step is to brainstorm talking points that involve these keywords. These talking points are the well you draw from to create original Tweets that start conversations.

A digital marketing company would have keywords like search engine optimization, Twitter marketing, Facebook marketing, etc. Talking points go deeper and typically revolve around answering a question your target audience may have. For this digital marketing company, talking points could be what are the latest trends in SEO? What are some ways Twitter can help businesses grow? What are some case studies that prove that SEO works? You’ll have to refresh your talking points regularly to keep your content from feeling stale or canned.

3. Use Twitter’s Advanced Search to Find Conversations Containing Your Keywords

Twitter’s Advanced search feature allows you to search keywords by exact phrasing, and also allows you to search for Tweets that contain multiple keywords. The results page is divided into 5 tabs. You can search by the top Tweets regarding a keyword, which shows you Tweets that have gotten the most engagement. Searching by the latest Tweets shows you the most recent tweets regarding a keyword and is a great way to find conversations to hop into as they happen real time.

The People tab lets you search by people who tweet about a given keyword. This is the tab you use for the next step. The final tabs are photos and videos, which are pretty self-explanatory.

4. Make a Twitter List of People to Engage With Regularly

The Twitter list is another great feature to use Twitter for SEO rankings. As we touched on a bit earlier, the ultimate point of Twitter for a business is to get the right people to leave Twitter and go to their website. This is done through building relationships, and lists let you keep track of which people you want to build relationships with. You can make a separate list for each of your talking points.

Once you have built relationships with people, you can share links to your website contextually and they’ll be more likely to click and share. The more time you invest in engaging with people, the more followers you’ll get, which means the more reach your content will have.

5. Check Trending Topics and Chime in When Appropriate

Trendjacking is a great way to generate awareness for yourself or brand, but it’s a strategy that can backfire horrendously if it isn’t done well. The key is authenticity. Don’t try to be something you’re not. If your brand isn’t about being edgy, don’t be edgy.

Search trends for opportunities to chime in with your opinion on a popular industry article or regarding a hot-button issue. Make sure to always stay civil, as the goal is to gain and not alienate followers.

6. Hop in the Conversation on Relevant Viral Tweets to Boost Visibility

This step goes hand-in-hand with the previous step, and the same rules apply. A well-played response to a viral Tweet can generate a fair amount of attention and even go semi-viral itself.

Look for viral Tweets revolving around your talking points to give your account the most relevant engagement possible. Even when discussing viral Tweets, quality of attention is always more important than quantity of attention.

7. Enhance Your Tweet With Memes, GIFS, or Emojis When Possible

It is proven that Tweets with more than just text often get more engagement. Being able to make a trending meme mesh with your talking points is one way you can end up with a viral Tweet of your own. You really have to have your finger on the pulse of your target audience to pull this off, though. A poorly executed meme can seriously damage your brand.

GIFs are easier and less risky to use, but they can still make your brand look bad if you use them wrong. Luckily, Twitter’s GIF button makes it easy to find a relevant gif. All you have to do is type your keyword into the search bar and a bunch of matching GIFs will pop up.

Emojis are the least useful in the context of Twitter for SEO ranking, but they can be helpful in adding more emotional context to your Tweets, which improves engagement.

8. Check Tweet Analytics To See What is Resonating Most With Your Audience

Twitter offers a native analytics tab that gives you all sorts of data about your Tweets and the growth of your account. You can see which Tweets have been shared the most, which have had the most impressions, and which have generated the most responses.

Use this data to refine your keywords and talking points. Eliminate or rework talking points that aren’t getting good engagement, and talk more about the topics that are giving you the best numbers.

Consistency is the ultimate key to this process working and allowing you to make use of Twitter for SEO rankings. Make these 8 steps a part of your daily routine and you’ll start to reap the benefits in a matter of weeks.


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